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Why you should test bidding on your brand?

For anyone who has a Google account manager the first they always tell you is that you should be bidding on brand. Well, in some cases they may be correct, but we shouldn’t take what they say as gospel and should A/B test it. Only you bidding If we do a Google search and can see no competitors bidding on your brand it makes sense to not bid. Why give…

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your brand

Monitoring your brand using Google Alerts

Monitoring your brand is an essential element to promoting your business and protecting its reputation on the web. With the ever-growing number of websites this can appear to be a thankless task. But, thanks to a plethora of tools, it is now easier than ever to do so. Talk walker I have used Talk Walker previously and it did very well at finding brand mentions across the web. It’s free…

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Your just about to buy your dream domain name STOP!!!

This article isn’t about SEO as such. If you want to know what to check before buying a domain name from an SEO point of view, then check out my previous article here. This article is about branding and in particular, how your customers will view your domain name. If you were building a website that’s all about helping users find their nearest therapist, you might love the domain name…

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Think before you change your domain name

So you’re thinking of changing your domain name well think hard. Its very very hard to regain your rankings. A great example of this is They haven’t always been called AO, they used to be called Nearly two years ago they changed their branding and website, so that they could expand from just selling appliances into a more consumer electronics company. Now the below wouldn’t be as bad…

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I worked with Indago Media after a glowing recommendation from an ex-colleague, and they didn't disappoint. They sorted out my technical & on-page SEO and run some PPC activity. The the results were fantastic (top of Google News for one!) and communication was spot on throughout. I would happily recommend any time.
Reports - I run my own ppc agency and asked if indago media could help me create some really custom reports. Working in paid search for 11 years I know how important reporting is for myself and my clients. What Andy has done has blown me & my clients away! Couldn't be happier, all the metrics that I need to report on to my clients he has been done with minimum fuss. Couldn't recommend highly enough! I will be using indago again
Indago Media provide a first class service and achieve great results. They are able to analyse a website and put together a strategy for increasing traffic. Their in-depth SEO knowledge is second to none and I would recommend Indago Media without any hesitation to any website owner who is struggling to make a success of their website.
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