Ticking one box allows you to do great server log analysis | Video

Ticking one box means you can do great Server Log Analysis

By ticking one box in the cpanel it means you can do great server log analysis rather than good log analysis.

Simply follow the instructions on the below video.

What does the box actually do.

As standard server log data is only kept for the current month. Each new month the data is over ridden, which means you can not look back at historic data. More  information on how to do Server Log Analysis.


It does take up more space on your server. These files are incredibly small, but if you are worried about space then after the 2nd of each month, download the file and delete of your server.

Now you have more than the current months worth of data going forward you can dig deeper into the data.

Even if at the moment you don’t care about the logs or don’t have time. Tick this box it will take you two seconds and you will thank yourself down the line.

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