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Identifying 404s in Google Search Console

So we have recently been working with a few American agencies doing technical analysis and reports for some of their clients and wanted to share with you a handy strategy we have been doing. One of the key questions they asked was why was the client getting over 14,000 404 errors in Google Search Console. The first thing we did, chuck the website into Deepcrawl to identify any onsite broken…

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Top 5 issues to look out for when doing server log analysis

For some reason, it seems people are wary of server log analysis.   I don’t know why.  Whether it’s because sever log analysis isn’t that well known, or because of those rows in EXCEL can be quite daunting.  Maybe it’s just because they don’t want to speak with their web developer (I understand the last point, but if you’re nice to your dev team they can make your life a lot…

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What to ask a dev

If you need to get a developer to get you the server log data, you need to make sure they are getting you the following bits of information: Host: Date: Page/Title: Bandwidth: Response Codes: Referral: User Agent: This is the bare minimum needed to do any type of log Analysis. An example of what the data looks like:   Host (Beijing,Beijing,China) Date      31/07/2015 13:32 Page/File             /what-to-check-before-buying-a-domain-name/ Bandwidth          22460 Response…

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Dummy Excel Document for Server Log Analysis

So you have got your data from the cpanel or the devs and now you want to start using this data. There are two key formula’s which are going to help you a lot. The first one is: Page Directory. Is the page in a directory (if so which one) or is a non directory page. This is useful for more advance analysis, but I thought I would share with…

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Ticking one box allows you to do great server log analysis | Video

Ticking one box means you can do great Server Log Analysis By ticking one box in the cpanel it means you can do great server log analysis rather than good log analysis. Simply follow the instructions on the below video. What does the box actually do. As standard server log data is only kept for the current month. Each new month the data is over ridden, which means you can…

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Converting your server log file into a CSV file | Video

When you get a raw server log file out of cpanel, the format is unreadable. So you need to convert it, there is plenty of software to chose from, but my personal favourite is Web log Explorer. In this short video I will show you how to convert those files into CSV so you can use them in excel. Andy HallidayI am the Managing Director of Indago Media and have…

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