5 local SEO mistakes you are making now and how to fix them

You know how it is.  Your website isn't performing all that well but you've got a thousand and one other things to worry about.

Business is good, yes it could be better if the website brought in some revenue, but overall it's fine.  You're just working every hour you can bring in new business by hitting the phones, placing ads, or networking with contacts. You haven't really got time to mess about with the website.

But, how much better things would be if the website brought in some extra clients every month?

The chances are, even if your website isn't delivering new clients at the moment, just a few tweaks to fix a few common mistakes could make a massive difference.

Here are five things you can do to fix issues on your website which will increase your chances of picking up more local clients:

1    Your city name isn't in all your title tags

This is an easy mistake to make, but it's just as easy to fix.  Your website has much greater chance of ranking for geo-specific search terms if you include your location in your title tags.  Amending your title tags won't take long and you will be amazed at the difference it can make.  Even if you do nothing else, make sure your title tags are updated.

2    Your landing pages have generic content

Another easy fix.  Your landing pages must include your location or they have no chance of ranking in local search.  Ensure your city name and other local content is included on all the landing pages you are looking to rank.

3    Not proactively link building

This doesn't have to be something which takes up all your time.  In fact, you can delegate the whole thing to an outside agency. But, assuming you are going to do this in-house, concentrate on quality rather than quantity.  Gaining links from authority websites will be a big boost to your rankings and traffic.

4    You don't have a blog

Yes, it can be time-consuming but a regularly updated blog with fresh local content is a great way to increase rankings and pull more traffic to your website.  Try to add topical or relevant content every week or month though it needs to be informative and interesting not just filler.  Get your local content right and your search visibility will increase.

5    You don't have a Google My Business page

This is a huge mistake.  Unfortunately, it's one, many small businesses make.  Usually, because they don't know how GMB works or how important it is to their business.

A good GMB page can be a massive boost to your business.  What's more, it is completely free to set up.

Getting  your GMB page right can be tricky, but we can help you with that, and it could be the best thing you do to increase your online sales.  Keep your GMB page regularly updated and it will repay you fifty times over.

The power of local SEO shouldn't be under-estimated.  Give your website the best chance to succeed by focusing on local SEO.

If you're not sure what local SEO is and need more information on how it can help your business, feel free to contact us.

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