Top ten ranking factors in local SEO

Let’s nail the myth once and for all. Despite what some less than reputable SEO agencies will say when they cold call you, no one knows exactly how the Google algorithm works.

Here at Indago Media we certainly don’t claim any insider knowledge to guarantee page one rankings. However, what we can do, is analyse data and cross-reference that to results. We can build up a picture of which tactics work and which don’t.

From this analysis, we have drawn up this list of the top ten ranking factors in local SEO. This is based on organic results, not the local stacks you will see on some searches.

Employ them in your campaigns and, all things being equal, you should see improved results.

1 Domain Authority

Still as important as ever. Domain Authority is a figure based on the strength of your website. It takes into account many different factors including links, technical performance etc.

It’s important to note you can’t directly influence DA by any one action, it is an aggregate of factors. By putting into action numbers 2 to 10 on our list you will increase your Domain Authority. You can calculate the current DA of your own site here.

2 Quality of inbound links

This shouldn’t be any surprise. Getting links from authority websites back to your own has always boosted your rankings. However, the operative word here is quality.

The days of being able to manipulate the SERPs by building a mass of low-quality links are well gone. Don’t be tempted to take shortcuts.

3 Click-Through Rate

Searchers seeing your website in the SERPs and clicking through to your content will send positive signals to Google.

4 City or district in GMB Landing Page Title

Your Google My Business page is not only an important source of traffic but can also boost your organic rankings. Ensure your location is in the title of the page to help the Google algorithm pinpoint your business.

If you don’t have a GMB page, or it isn’t performing, contact us and we will be able to help.

5 Inbound Link Diversity

Links from one or two websites, or many links from one source, won’t help overly much. You need high-quality links from a range of authority websites.

6 Geographic Keyword Relevance

Again, this shouldn’t come as a surprise (we never claimed this is rocket science). However, including your location as a keyword and writing about your locality regularly in your content will increase the chances of you ranking for a combination of your city and service, e.g., Leeds tattooist.

7 An Address in City of Search

Ranking for local search in Aberdeen when you’re based in London isn’t easy. Nor should it be. Unsurprisingly, Google gives priority in local search to local businesses. Make sure your physical address is mentioned in crawlable content on your website.

8 Your Location in Most/All Website Title Tags

It’s good practice to include your city in the title tags to help your content rank for geo-specific search terms.

9 Topical Keyword Relevance

Keeping your website up-to-date with topical content can help your pages rank in all organic search, but is especially powerful in local results. Google loves fresh content and will reward you for regularly posting topical copy.

10 Build Authority Links to GMB Landing Page

Building authoritative links to your GMB page can provide a powerful ranking boost.

There are of course many more factors than this list of the top ten ranking factors in local SEO which go into determining your position in Google. However, employing these ten factors will deliver results.

Here at Indago Media we provide a full local SEO service including Google My Business optimisation. For more information, or to book a free SEO audit, contact us today.

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