What software do I use

So I am often asked, what software and Tools do I use, so I though I would mention all the software I pay for and use.

Firstly I would like to clarify that the software I use meets my needs and everyone has their own tools to meet their own needs.

The tools I use:

Google Search Console (formally Webmaster tools). (free)

Bing Webmaster tools (free) – yeah they might not send you a lot of traffic, but they do have some useful insight in their webmasters. I just wish they would allow you to upload a disavow file instead of having to do each line manually. So I just gave up.

Google Analytics

Great free bit of software telling you everything you need to know about how users find and interact with your website.

Google Tag Manager

Great newish bit of software from Google for managing all the tags on your site.

Moz (paid)

What more do I need to say about Moz, everybody I know uses Moz – sometimes I do question why and why so many people do. I have discussed it at many conferences and Networking events and got the feeling many people pay for it but not sure why. They do have some good little features, but over the years the competition has caught up and overtaken moz in software, but they do know how to put on a great conference and they have got some great things in their product roadmap – so I will keep paying for now.

Rankwatch (paid)

Great tool for tracking your rankings, whether that is tracking local rankings, national rankings or mobile. It’s a great ranking software.

Linkrisk or what ever its called these days (paid)

Great tool for auditing your links, one key task with all the Negative SEO that is happening at the moment. It’s a shame there is some poor SEO’s out there who think Negative is the way. Feel positive about your own site and produce the best user experience and you will rank.

Similar Web (free)

Only just found this little Gem, but what I have used so far I love.

Majestic (paid)

Great software and got some very good training guides.

Ahrefs (basic free account)

Only use the basic account, unless someone can show me something different and a good reason to purchase then I will be sticking with the basic account.

Searchmetrics (paid)

Great benchmarking tool and good for basic analyse but some of the data is way out and it never updates at the same time each week so your always waiting around to see updates.

Screaming Frog (paid)

By far one of the best SEO pieces of software ever. Just simply getting the data of your site is amazing. I paid for two licences as its that powerful and useful. One on my server so I let it run, and one on my mac for quick reports.

Web log Explorer (paid)

No point in having a website, if you aren’t going to analyse the log files. These hold some of the most valuable data you will ever get from Google.

Experian Hitwise (paid)

Very expensive bit of software and can show some useful information.

I am always open to looking at new software and services – but a lot of the above covers what I need it to.

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