Removing the readme.html file from wordpress

This short video explains how to remove the readme.html file from WordPress.

In the text below, I go into more detail about why you should remove the file. The main reason is that it’s one of the easiest ways for hacker bots to determine whether you’re a WordPress site.

Once they’ve discovered you’re a WordPress site, they’ll check your/wp-login and try to guess your login credentials.

Please get a plugin to change this url! I provide a link to one in the text below the video. It’s one I recommend and use all the time.

Log into your cPanel, scroll down to ‘File Manager’ and, making sure ‘Web Root’ is selected, click GO.

A new tab will open. Simply find and select the readme.html file and click the delete button in the header.

You’re all done.

This is just one simple way to help secure your site.

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