Dont worry about the double slash on Search Console

Screenshot of Google Search Console

So I thought I would see today if when you request a crawl from Google whether they hit your site instantly or whether it gets added to a waiting list.

Using a clients website, which allows me to instant access to the server logs which is great for doing detailed analysis but also for testing.

While this was the test and it proved, they hit it almost instantly that wasn’t the most interesting thing I learnt today.

Will its instantly, but I did notice something quite clever – Google is smarter than I thought.

In the Search Console, I inputted the URLs I wanted them to crawl I copied the url including the / so it read

I just assumed Google would hit the URL I inputted and generate a 404 page, but no I was surprised to see that ignore one of the / and crawled the correct page.

Screenshot of Google Search Console


So the next time you accidentally input the double // you don’t need to worry about re inputting the url as Google will crawl the correct url.

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