A picture speaks a thousand words

We have all heard the saying, a picture paints a thousand words and it’s true. A great image, logo, a banner can really make or break a business.

Logos especially are important for a business and help it stand out.

About a month ago I was contacted by a mutual friend to Beta trial a new service. You pay a set amount and get unlimited artwork designed.

I was super skeptical – for the price surely the quality must be low, but our mutual friend swore by the quality and I trusted him so thought I would give it ago, after all I could cancel after the beta trial so no harm lost.

At first I asked them to design me a few new logos for a couple of my sites, the ones below I am happy to share but some of the best logos they did was for my affiliate sites (which I don’t want to make public).

I am also the secretary of my son’s junior football team and they needed a few posters creating so thought I would give it a try.

The briefs from the committee were very detailed, but they managed to meet them and the club was super impressed (this is an achievement in its self).

You get unlimited amount of requests per month, sounds to be good to be true so I really wanted to try it out before.

In one month I did 35 requests and all bar one were delivered (they don’t work in that niche).

See them below:

Coreter Media Logo's

My next thought was GIFs making a banner is one thing, creating a beautiful logo is another – lets give them a GIF and see what they create – again, super impressed.

What do you get:

With the majority of my requests, I got three versions back and could ask for alterations until I was happy, around 80% of the time no changes were required.

What Services can they do:

A Review of Graphically:

Overall I am super impressed with them, and I have supplied some of the designs below, but all you do is pick from a shopping list the service you would like:

Once processed, you enter your brief for what you need, wait a few days (quickest was about 3 hours longest about 48 hours) and you get several versions back and you can start tweaking them.

Some of the other work I had completed

Remember these were done to my briefs and guidelines – all you need to do is give them briefs and they do the rest.

Favicon Design

What niches won't they do

There isn’t many its the usual, adult, drugs etc – everything else is fine.

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