2016/17 Premier League table based off website visits

So for the third year, we have crunched the numbers and worked out who would have won the premier league if instead of the performance on the pitch, the traffic to each of the official websites. Each team gets 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points if they lose.

The previous two years result can be found here 2015/16 Table and 2014/2015 Premier League Table.

Two seasons years ago Hull City we’re relegated and while they have managed to come back into the league this season, they didn’t survive again both football wise and getting fans to their site, but on the positive they didn’t end the season with zero points likes in 2015.

Bournemouth for the second season running was relegated. Their players well out performing their fans.

Bournemouth’s south coast rivals Southampton was also relegated with 18 points. While they managed the same amount of points, Stoke, over the entire season Stoke got over 350,000 more people to its website.

Again for the third season on a trot, Liverpool has walked away with the title – Manchester United again was the team that pushed them close. While united performances on the pitch might not have been up to their usual standards this year – the fans kept coming back to the website. Arsenal did manage to draw points with united this year – but the total traffic over the season was what clinched it for United.

Spurs made up the final champions league place. While the team on the pitch might have been performing amazing all season, the fans weren’t as interested in viewing their club site.

Newcastle did ok the last time they were in the premier league so would be interesting to see how they do in 2018 as well with Brighton another small south coast team. If they are anything like their rivals they will do ok in the Premier League, just not so in our league.


2016-17 Premier League Table - based on website visits


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